Veteran Fitness Program

The brotherhood that exist between our armed forces members is one that is rarely outmatched by much else in a community. The ability to stand tall next to a fellow veteran that understands your way of thinking, the way of life you have experienced, and the heavy burden that can sometimes lay on a person both physically and mentally is one that most will never truly understand. It is the brave men and women of this very special group of humans that can call themselves veterans. It is an honor that in truth most cannot and do not have the stomach to own. Events and programs such as the GOT YOUR SIX fitness PROGRAM AT CROSSFIT FARGO supported by the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation brings these great men and women of our country together. THROUGH THE USE OF CROSSFIT, they experience and feel supported as the people they are, no judgment, no agenda, just camaraderie and activity to support their health and wellness in a positive way.