The 3rd Annual Brady’s Border to Border Ruck March

370 MILES ★ 5 DAYS ★ 1 CAUSE

Show your support for the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation by participating in the 2019 Brady’s Border2Border Ruck March by signing up to ruck/walk a specific 5-mile segment/leg with one of the five teams in their 370- mile trek across the State of North Dakota.

You can sign up by emailing with the following information:

A confirmation and follow-up email will be sent with specific details pertaining to your requested segment/leg.

To ensure that we are able to hit all of our points at the expected time, we will be ruck marching at a pace
between 14:30 – 15:00 minute miles. That pace will allow us to complete a 5-mile segment between 1hr 10
minutes and 1hr 15 minutes.

Carrying a ruck sack/back pack with 20 lbs in it is optional. Some of the women who are rucking segments plan
on using their 14 lb weighted vest.

Safety is our number one priority. There are many potential hazards in an open road ruck march of this type
including, but not limited to: automobile traffic, road conditions, and weather. We will be ruck marching against
traffic as a rule of thumb. Rucking against traffic ensures better visibility for automobiles and ruck marchers.


May 17 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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MT/ND border near Beach, ND