2021 Brady Oberg Ruck March

2021 Brady’s Border2Border Ruck March will start at 01:00AM on 27 May 2021 at the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little Falls, MN and head to the North Bethlehem Cemetery in Ulen, MN then on to the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Fargo/Moorhead at 09:00 Am on 29 May 2021.

Unfortunately, war doesn’t end when the warrior returns home. If anything, war becomes more real. It becomes a slow-motion picture played over and over. Every mission. Replayed, trying to figure out what went wrong, or right. What could have been done differently. Or simply remembering when the problems of the First World were a distant thought and all you cared about were the men on your left and on your right. Remembering when you were part of a brotherhood that had one common goal, defeat the enemy and make it out alive. But also, a brotherhood that had one underlying belief, you were prepared to die so that your brothers come home.

At what point have our veterans ‘paid’ enough?! At what point have they shouldered enough burden?! When is it our turn, the civilians, to step up and do for them?! We owe it to them. Every good night’s sleep we get, is because they bear the load of war.
PTSD is a military-wide epidemic. Just remember, you are hearing accounts from an outside perspective. Imagine, for just a moment, that you were actually the one involved in the stories and not just hearing about them from a third party. War is not pretty. It is not glamorous. But it is necessary. – – –Marci Alicea


May 27 - 29 2021


All Day


Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery
5550 MN-115, Little Falls, MN 56345