2020 Brady Oberg Ruck March

100 MILES ★ 32.5 HOURS

“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”- Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

In our attempt to ensure that the updated/modified version of the 2020 Brady’s Border2Border Ruck March lives up to its reputation as a physically and mentally demanding ruck march that will allow the participants to get just a glimpse of the mental and physical pain that way too many of our Nation’s Warriors feel and deal with on a daily basis – the 2020 B2B will step off at 3:00 am on Friday, May 22nd from Crossfit Fargo and head west then north to the North Bethlehem Cemetery in Ulen arriving at 7:00 pm. After visiting the grave site of Brady Oberg, the group will head back to the FM Veterans bridge, ending the 100-mile ruck at 11:30 am.

0300 CrossFit Fargo000
040652nd & S Univ3.48
0438US 75 & 60th Ave S5.23
0550160th Ave S & Hwy 529.53
0740Pizza Ranch Lot – Dilworth15.4
0800Depart Pizza Ranch Parking Lot
0954Petro – Glyndon, MN 22.21
1055MN 9 & US 10 26.0
1340Hawley Baseball Fields35.4
1400Depart Hawley Baseball Fields 
1440US 10 & MN 3237.74
1640Hitterdal, MN44.56
1840Ulen, MN 51.5951.59
1900North Bethlehem Cemetery 52.45
1920Depart Cemetery 
Head back to Ulen, then west on CR34
2330 115th St N & CR 3466.8
0030Felton Park69.5
0050Depart Felton Park
0300MN 9 and CR 2676.76
0600CR 26 & CR 986.89
0620Depart CR 26 & CR 9
0830Centennial Fields94.00
085215th Ave N & 11 St N95.10
092611th St S & 12th Ave S97.10
0950Brookdale Parking Lot 98.12 98.12
1030Depart Brookdale Parking Lot
1130FM Veterans Bridge100.00

We are hoping all of you out there who are putting miles in preparing for the ruck, will pick a time and distance to join us.

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” – Thomas Paine


May 22 2020


All Day


Crossfit Fargo
5292 51st Ave S Fargo North Dakota